Pocket Activity Sampler

Can your organization be more efficient?

Does the workforce meet the needs of your organization? Do the employees work efficiently? How can work processes in your organization be improved?

To measure is to know!

To answer the above questions it is essential to have thorough knowledge in where employees spend their time on. Workload study by means of the Multi-Moment method is an acknowledged and powerful method to gain this insight. ASPire-it has developed the Pocket Activity Sampler©, an innovative solution for the registration of activities during workload studies.

Pocket Activity Sampler©

During a workload study the participating employees register their activities on a Pocket PC, using the Pocket Activity Sampler©. Afterwards the registrations are automatically collected and reported. Applying the Pocket Activity Sampler© for registering activities offers many benefits, such as a minimal burden for the participants of the study and also the quick availability of the results of the survey.

Proven in practice

In the past three years the Pocket Activity Sampler© has developed into an extremely reliable, user-friendly and flexible solution. In cooperation with consultancy firm Zorg Consult Nederland the Pocket Activity Sampler© has been successfully applied by workload studies in, amongst others, a major oncological hospital and the Forensic psychiatric service.

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